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'Deepen with Christina' by Christina Weber

Welcome to 🎙Deepen with Christina! 

Jun 12, 2022

Discover the secrets to deeper human connection and overcome social anxieties with Jessica Encell Coleman's "The Magic of Human Connection" workshop.

Join the thousands of participants who have raved about this transformational experience, described as a wellness modality, heart-opening ceremony, and even the best party you'll ever attend. With over 30,000 participants at events such as Summit Series, Wanderlust, SXSX, Worldz, and more, Jessica is a true expert in human connection.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Jessica and improve your love life, find your zone of genius and understand why she does what she does, all while having fun and laughing with friends. Visit and and make sure to sign up for a WeDeepen membership to be notified of a future special offering. Participant at "The Magic of Human Connection" and transform your life.