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Deepen with Christina

Welcome to 🎙Deepen with Christina! 

Aug 1, 2022

Dating is a tender subject. Most of us didn't grow up observing healthy relationships and the subject is neglected in most educational curriculums. WeDeepen's mission is to improve the quality of Human Relationships.

For the past decade, WeDeepen has been producing and promoting America's Greatest Dating Experiences—Underground Unattached, Dating & Meditating, Romance Dojo, RelateFest, The Great Love Debate, Tantra Speed Date, Humhum Conscious Dating Salon, Deeper Dating, and more.

Founder Christina took off as a Dating Coach in 2017 when Vice Magazine recirculated an article featuring her work. She received rave reviews for supporting both men and women aged 25-45 in New York City and Los Angeles.

Now having joined forces with Matthew Burgess, WeDeepen's COO, and High-End Matchmaker, Maria Teresa Chavez, the three are expanding to include Private Matchmaking and Dating & Relationship Coaching as a WeDeepen service offering.

Listen in as Christina and Matthew get personal about their dating experiences and how they can help you ignite greater joy in your dating journey.