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Deepen with Christina

Welcome to 🎙Deepen with Christina! 

Oct 3, 2022

In this solo episode of our podcast, Christina Weber, the founder of The Dating Dojo and WeDeepen, shares her personal journey as a start-up founder. She vulnerably opens up about the financial risks and intimacy lessons she's learned along the way.

Christina takes listeners behind the scenes of her 2-month work marathon, as she launched The Dating Dojo - Connection Experiment for People Excited to Love - at Dave Asprey's 8th Annual Biohacking Conference. She also expanded WeDeepen's service offering to include Private Matchmaking & Relationship Coaching.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from a successful entrepreneur about the challenges and rewards of building a business and delving into one's personal intimacy journey. Christina's insights and experiences will resonate with anyone looking to deepen their connections and improve their relationships.

Don't miss out on this honest and vulnerable conversation about love and connection. If you have any questions or feedback, please email or send Christina a DM on Instagram at @christinaweber.